French-born Jacques Fromonot (1926-2014) gave himself over to art in his early twenties, abandoning his post as an engineer in Lyon in resistance to ‘the greatest enemy for a creative spirit - systemization and routine’. Entirely self-taught, he developed a singular body of work over the next seventy years, drawing primarily on his observations of a life less ordinary which took him from France into the jungles and urban sprawls of Latin America, to the exotic homeland of his Indian wife Nina, and finally back to the Cote d’Azur, where they settled permanently in the electric summer of 1968.

Fromonot was undoubtedly among the more prolific artists of his generation. Many works were exhibited and found their owners along this peripatetic trajectory, among Amazonian natives, local traders and officials, fellow artists and international collectors. This site comprises several hundred paintings and drawings in various formats which constitute the artist’s estate held in Cannes by his wife Nina Fromonot.





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